Dr. Temitope Fasoranti

Excutive Director, Zenith Bank Plc

From whatever side of the prism one may want to view success in life, it will be incomplete without the broad spectrum of recognition of certain qualities, character and positive mien that makes up the true meaning of success. These are good upbringing, fear of God, empathy, determi-nation, courage, consistency, smart work and loyalty, and proper positioning.

ptly placed in this category of men with the consistent quest for development and greatness is Dr. Temitope Fasoranti. A dynamic young Nigerian who has paid his dues displaying the true quality of consistency and loyalty. To an average close watcher of the Nigerian Economic space, the future holds so much for this man involve in growing the economic base of his endeavours and successfully contributing positively to the financial sector of the Nigerian economy.

For those who may not know, the life of Dr. Fasoranti and his richly growing profile should rekindle hope to the wanning psyche of Nigerian home and abroad that despite the challenges of our highly endowed but visibly mismanaged economy, the days are near for young professionals in the likes of this career banker and creative economic guru to take over the running of the economy through discipline, development and creative management of the nation’s economic landscape.

Without mincing words, the recuperation of any ailing economy requires the ingenuity and sincerity of purpose, the fear of God, the zeal to raise men, away from the acquisitive greed that pervades the Nigerian society. It is however, hopeful to Nigerians across board that with the likes of Dr. Fasorantiwhose upbringing remain clearly based on the virtues of raising humanity, using their God-given prowess, the light remain glowing at the end of the proverbial tunnel for the Nigerian-nation.


A dive into the very rich profile of this enterprising and role-model Nigerian, away from the crave for fraudulent lifestyles oppullently being displayed across board in the country, one will be convinced that this ebbulient Nigerian has clearly shown that hardwork, smartwork and dedication all pays. A greenhorn and fresh from graduation from the Obafemi Awolowo University {OAU}, Ife, Osun State, where he bagged a Bachelor degree in Economics in 1988, he proceeded to obtain a Master’s degree in Economics in 1991. He later capped it with a Ph.D in Economics from the same University.

A career driven person, he worked with the then FBN Merchant Bank from 1991 through 1997. He later joined the Zenith Bank in 1997. There, he was subsequently appointed a General Manager/Group Zonal Head overseeing several regions in Lagos which includes Ikeja, Apapa and Ilupeju zones and was Group Headof Oil & Gas, Conglomerate Group, Agriculture Desk etc. Dr. Fasoranti’s experience covers other wide range of areas such as Treasury, Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, Retail Risk, Risk Management, Branch and Zonal Management to mention just a few.

Aside from his decades of managerial cum administrative experi-ence in the Banking and Finance sectors, he has amongst several practical professional day to day experiences attended several local and international courses and programmes including Chang-ing The GaWWsiness School, Creating and Leading High Perfor-mance Team {Wharton School Pessylvania, USA}and Developing Strategy, Value Creation {London Business School}.

The above professional journey has earned him the distinguished membership of many Professional bodies as honourary, sitting member or fellow amongst which are: Chattered Institute of Bank-ers {CIBN}, Nigerian Institute of Management {NIM}, Financial Institutions Training Center{FITC}, and his base – owned Zenith Pension Custodian Limited.

A product of deep Christian faith, groomed by one of Africa’s pride University, he has successfully proven to the younger Nigerian generation that hardwork and consistency can be rewarded when anyone is better positioned and privileged to work in an apprecia-tive environment. A happily married man with lovely children, he is no doubt one of Nigeria’s abundant, promising and gifted financial managers of all times. To this end, all hopes may not be lost on the nation’s recovery from her present challenges. The future is no doubt here for Dr. Fasoranti.

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